Streaming “Wanderer” Track

Created by Andrew James of Edmonton, AB’s Eye Of Horus and Shotgunner, his new project, one man folk metal band North Hammer is drawing inspiration from the mighty Quorthon; for Andrew is not so much a one-man band as a one-warrior metal machine. Andrew wrote and recorded the guitar, bass, vocals, and orchestration along with drums done by Doug Helcaraxë Nunez for North Hammer’s forthcoming debut album Stormcaller set for release on March 16th, 2018. Andrew explains the significance of his band’s name. “The ‘north’ part was a representation of the common theme winter that comes up in metal music, including folk metal. It is also a reference to my native Canada. ‘Hammer’ is a reference to Mjolnir, Thor’s Hammer!” Inspired by Wintersun, Ensiferum, Amon Amarth, Aether Realm, Blind Guardian, Stormcaller is a 21st century continuation of the work of Norse bards with its melodic death metal folk riffs. “The experience I’m trying to give the listeners is that of a fellow fan. I want people to be euphoric for other bands that mean something to them like Ensiferum, Wintersun and Amon Amarth. To connect personally with my music and realize that I love and worship these bands.” explains Andrew James. The band is streaming new track, “Wanderer”, below. Andrew James comments: "'Wanderer' is a song where he (a soldier in the ranks of a Viking faction as part of the story concept) takes to the high seas to seek his destiny. Although he had visions of clear depictions of places, he doesn’t really comprehend what his purpose is at this point. And thus, he lies awake endlessly trying to piece the puzzle together. Without a real steadfast idea of where he is going, he navigates by the star’s using his memories from the vision." While North Hammer is a studio project at the moment, Andrew James plans to put together a band of top-notch like-minded musicians for touring in Western Canada and beyond.

“Written In The Stars”
“Magic Mead”
“Tip Of The Spear”
“A Soldier’s Song”
“Black Forest Rain”
“North Hammer”
“Lion’s Winter”
(Photo Credit: Diego Fernandez, Editing by Eric Dieterich of Soloman Media)

DATE is 23.02.2018