Sign To Relapse Records; New Album Out In April; Track Streaming

Relapse Records has announced the official signing of German psychedelic hard rock trio Black Salvation. Black Salvation -- featuring Uno Bruniusson formerly of In Solitude and Grave Pleasures and currently of Death Alley -- challenges the listener to open wide the doors of perception and slowly drift away among their transcendental compositions and deeply hypnotic tales of magic and mysticism. Across eight tracks and over forty minutes, Black Salvation exquisitely blends hard rock, doom, and psychedelia into an intoxicating synthesis of rock 'n' roll alchemy. Uncertainty Is Bliss is surely one of the most captivating rock debuts in years. Black Salvation's Uncertainty Is Bliss is due out April 6th on CD, LP, and digital formats via Relapse Records. Physical packages are available at The digital edition can be purchased at this location.

Issues the band of the signing and new album, "Our hands and minds are trembling in anticipation to release this record, as it's been a long and intense road for us to get here. Throughout the entire process, we traveled down a path trenched in uncertainty, which was both disarming and blissful. Signing to Relapse Records is probably the most unexpected door that opened up in the process of finding a home for the record. We're very eager to have an open minded, diverse label to spread our words and music to all corners of your perception." Tracklisting:
“In A Casket’s Ride”
“Floating Torpid”
“Breathing Hands”
“The Eye That Breathes”
“A Direction Is Futile”
“Grey River”
“Getting Slowly Lost”
“The Chapel” (Bonus track)
“Follow Me Down” (Bonus track)
“In A Casket’s Ride”:

DATE is 21.02.2018