Releases Debut EP, “Filthy Fire” Video Streaming

Facing Fire has released their debut EP through Pavement Entertainment. The band is excited to bring their heavy-hitting music to life. The new release is available on digital and streaming outlets worldwide. Facing Fire is a hard rock band from Southern Ohio. The band consists of guitarists Tony Phillips and Caleb Miller, vocalist Scott Artis, bassist Josh Quillen, and drummer Levi Ausmus. In addition to releasing their new EP, Facing Fire is premiering the official music video for the single "Filthy Life." The song puts an emphasis on freeing yourself from a past that has the power to weigh you down. "I personally connect so much with our new single 'Filthy Life.' It just felt right as I began to write the lyrics," says Artis. "I love the positive message and I hope it has an impact on people who may need it."

"Facing Fire has been the chance of a lifetime. I finally get to make the kind of music I've always wanted. When all the pieces come together like this and there's that chemistry there, it's an amazing experience as an artist. You can't help but want to work even harder and do even more. We just want to explore where the music takes us and we really hope the listeners will be as involved in the experience as we are," says Phillips.

DATE is 19.02.2018